Enjoy a collection of meditations designed and facilitated by Jennifer. Many of these meditations have been recorded live at one of the events she leads online or during retreats.

Primus Activation Meditation

The Primus Activation meditation is a relaxing practice designed to help you ground your energy, amplify your heart’s electromagnetic field, and create strong feelings of love and peace. This meditation was originally designed by Samaya Aster but is led by Jennifer Kavanagh.

Body Elemental Meditation

This short meditation helps you connect with the organic consciousness of your body to promote self-healing, self-love, and greater collaboration with this ancient wisdom keeper and vessel.

Conscious Creation Breath Meditation

Water Activation Mantra Meditation

Soul Emancipation Proclamation

This proclamation is designed to claim your rightful sovereignty in the universal and align yourself with your souls highest purpose. You may use the proclamation as it is written or may revise as necessary in alignment with your souls own intentions.

I, [Your Name] hereby proclaim that I am a free and sovereign soul in all time and space.

I immediately enact the law of free will to its fullest extent and reclaim my will from any and all systems, entities and souls who may have used manipulation, deceit, coercion, unlawful contracts, or any other tactics to subjugate my free will without my full awareness and consent.

I am, and always have been, free to use my will in accordance with the universal laws created by the one true God of Creation. My free will and sovereignty must be recognized

I pledge my allegiance to the universal Creator and promise to uphold the universal laws in a state of unity, love, and peace. I pledge to honor my sacred duty as a human being to place my hands upon this Earth and support her and her inhabitants in proclaiming their own sovereignty, just as I have done now. I align my will to the divine will of God and my soul’s highest purpose.

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death into the everlasting light of God’s kingdom, I walk as a free and sovereign soul. I am free. Now and always.