Soul Sessions

Work privately with Jennifer to go deeper into the aspects of your life, soul, and purpose to find the meaning and answers you are seeking. All of her sessions are available online through video conferencing. You can schedule an appointment directly by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Soul Guidance Session (1 Hour)

In this hour long intuitive session, Jennifer will answer some of your deepest questions about life, relationship, career, business, spirituality, or anything of your heart’s intent. She will act as a translator between you and your higher self, spirit guides, and past loved ones to obtain the answers to these questions. This intuitive reading is very conversational and Jennifer will share with you any messages received during that time. Clients are encouraged to bring any questions they may have with them to the session.

Intuitive Coaching Session (1 Hour)

For those moments in life or work when you simply need a little extra support. Use this time to work out any problem with Jennifer’s guidance. Bring your business plans, financial woes, marital problems, spiritual emergencies, freaky experiences, or parenting fails to the table and we will talk them through together. Get a mix of both intuitive insight and practical action steps to navigate your way through this 3D world of ours.

Custom Activation Meditation

Receive a customized meditation designed and recorded by Jennifer to activate your soul and higher self. After a brief phone call we will discuss what your current situation is and what you would like to heal, address, or manifest. Jennifer will then record a meditation to activate the aspects of yourself that can propel your forward to your highest destiny. The meditation will be provided in a downloadable mp3 format so you can listen and practice it on a daily basis.

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