Jennifer Kavanagh has spent her lifetime as an intuitive and empath exploring ways to bring more peace and compassion to humanity. She works directly and indirectly with many beautiful people around the world to help them grieve the loved ones they’ve lost, make meaning out of difficult experiences, define their purpose and mission in life.

Jennifer believes in being human. It is not easy for many of us to be on the planet, in a body, and feel the density that this life offers us. But there is an inherent beauty in being able to touch, to communicate, to express, and to see the wonder and magic that exists here. She is passionate about freeing people from the emotions that make life so difficult and helping them find their path to purpose and fulfilment (whatever that may mean to them).

She began her career long ago in as an adult educator, working directly with employees and executives that were stressed out and burned out from their careers. Long chats in the bathrooms with overwhelmed employees, managers who desperately wanted to help others but didn’t know how, leaders who wanted to do something important in the world. Jennifer understands the challenges of living a busy life, the fear of doing something different, and all the hard work and emotions that go into it. It was this time in her life that inspired her to do the work she does now.

After completing a Masters in Education and some Doctoral Research in Contemplative Studies and Meditation Jennifer began combining the well documented alternative training techniques like meditation and her lifelong experiences as an intuitive and empath. She regularly offers workshops and retreats to help small groups and individuals go deeper within their souls and higher selves to discover why they are here and what they are meant to do. Jennifer is passionate about helping people remember the skills they have from previous lives, to enhance their own intuitive wisdom, and find ways to really contribute to the higher good of all people.

Jennifer is also the Founder and Lead Soul Guide at The Soul Institute. A rustic, grassroots retreat location in Muskoka, Ontario that serves as a human nature preserve. It’s a place where guests can come to connect with nature, slow down, hear their own thoughts, and commune with the beauty and wonder of living on this planet we call Earth. She also works remotely through teleconferencing to meet with individuals and groups all over the world.


Jennifer provided an intuitive reading for me when I attended a yoga retreat over the summer. She immediately put me at ease and it felt like she was peering into my soul, even though she had only just met me. It was an incredibly profound experience and she gave me a lot of thoughtful insight into things that were happening in my life at the time. After the reading, I rushed to write it all down, I didn’t want to forget any of it! She also connected with my grandmothers who had some very opinionated advice of their own! I felt like I had clarity after my reading and based on that experience, I made some life changes and a career change soon after. I would highly recommend this experience with Jennifer, it was very moving and helpful!”     – Juliana W.

“That was one of the best readings I’ve ever had! She knew all of the areas in my life I’m currently struggling with!”     – A. Kitchener

“That was an amazing experience! She was able to connect with a childhood friend who had passed suddenly when I was a child and now I know every time my ear tingles it is her!” –  T.L. Sudbury

“I was surprised how much she picked up on about my family. I feel a greater sense of peace and relief now.”  – E. Peterborough

“I feel so much better knowing that the worries I was feeling inside were validated. Sometimes I thought I was just being crazy, but now I know to trust them. It has given me more strength and confidence with my kids and in my career.”   – J. Barrie