Soul Sessions

Work privately with Jennifer to go deeper into the aspects of your life, soul, and purpose to find the meaning and answers you are seeking. All of her sessions are available online through video conferencing. You can schedule an appointment directly by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Sometimes when life becomes overwhelming it can feel like we are stuck in the weeds and it can be difficult for us to see the bigger picture in our life situations. An intuitive coaching session is an opportunity to tap into your intuition along with the guidance of a professional intuitive to navigate your way back to your pure intentions and purpose in life.

What is an Intuitive Coaching Session?

It is a live conversational discussion about your deepest questions about life, relationship, career, business, spirituality, or anything of your heart’s intent. Jennifer will act as a translator between you and your higher self, spirit guides, and past loved ones to obtain the answers to these questions.

Is It a Psychic Reading?

Not exactly. A reading implies a one-way conversation where someone tells you what you need to know about yourself. We don’t find this to be very empowering. Rather, an intuitive coaching session brings your wisdom and intuition into the driver seat as well. The goal is for you to start to hear and trust your own intuition as part of the process. We will help you along the way and validate some of your gut feels that you may be questioning.

Who Should Book an Intuitive Coaching Session?

An intuitive coaching session can be valuable for individuals who have an open mind and are looking to get answers or insight into questions about:

  • Life transitions or decisions
  • Career Challenges
  • Business decisions
  • Finding meaning or purpose in life
  • Spiritual or energy challenges
  • Specific challenges or decisions

What Do I Need to Prepare?

Clients are encouraged to bring any questions they may have with them to the session.

Where are Sessions Held?

All sessions are held online via video conference. However, if you wish to do this session in person please book via email at and indicate you wish to come in person.

What is the Cost?

30 Mins: $65

60 Mins: $100

Payment will be required at the time of booking to confirm your appointment.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Please book an appointment by emailing or using the booking form below.

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