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Choosing Your Quantum Reality

The Matrix & Outlander Dimensions

Crystal Roots & Anime Hunger Games

Time Glitches

You Must Act on Your Free Will

Is This Your Last Life on Earth?

Political Time Explosions Dream

Football & Poison Snow Dream

Awakening Others With Your Energy

Playing Out the Fear

Between Worlds

Daily updates, dreams, and messages received through the veil. These sessions are just quick videos to get your day going 🙂

Finding Timelessness

Transcending Fear

Underground Escape Dream

Crawling Out Of Your Skin

Hunger Game Dream

California Dreams & Squishy Superheroes

Spiritual Rebels Series

Join myself and Stacey Taylor as we discuss our spiritual journey through Scotland. We were hoping for a spiritual experience and we did get one but not in the way we expected!

Part 1: Background & Rosslyn Chapel

Part 2: Iona Initiation & Blowing Up Castles

Part 3: Fairy Pools, New World Treaties & Findhorn

Part 4: Ring of Brodgar & Reflections

Part 5: Spain Pre-Travel